Culture Climb Roundtable

The Culture Climb Roundtable brings together leaders focused on their own leadership evolution and how they can be culture champions to help their organizations thrive in this new business climate.

Each Culture Climb Roundtable session will be facilitated by an experienced Leadership + Culture Coach. The Culture Climb Roundtable is a six month membership consisting of monthly 90-minute virtual meetings. Each cohort will have a maximum of 8 members to ensure all attendees have ample time to discuss their topics.


5 Key Learning Components:

1. Leadership/Culture Topics +Tools
2. Culture Self-Assessment
3. Self-Awareness + Personal Growth
4. Peer Coaching + Mentoring
5. Solving for Culture Issues + Growth


Membership Package and Rates:
Six monthly 90-minute virtual meetings lead by Keystone expert in culture.
Coaching and assistance from the Keystone team.
Access to a private Microsoft Teams group for additional support.
One ticket to an in-person Keystone Culture Cohort Event

Investment: $1,950


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